The Need To Stop All Form Of Hate Speeches And Embrace Love

People in today’s world don’t understand love. They think that everything requires hate speeches. Now in the religious settings, I have seen different controversies among Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and so on. People not agreeing with this person’s beliefs or the others. They believe that their religion is more important or more convincing than others. The controversies between the Christians and the Muslims is on high. If the Christians view Muslims as enemies, how does the Muslims view Christians as? We need to respect people’s beliefs, religions and so on. The Christians always say Muslims are Muslims and there are no good Muslims. Truly, for my conversation experience with Muslims, I can now say that there better Muslims in today’s world.

Now I want to tell you about an experience I had last week. Two men came into their new apartment. These men are Muslims and were very friendly. One is from Guinea and the other is from Gambia. I welcomed them as I was so happy to have new neighbors.  After we had exchanged pleasantries and getting to know each other, we started discussing their countries and from there, we moved into discussing religions. Although the Guinea man couldn’t understand English, I was able to communicate with the Gambian because of his good command in English. I asked him ” how do you feel about being a Muslim. He said, he feels good about his religion and as a Muslim, he believes in all prophets. He said ” too many Christians feels that Muslims are bad, No Muslims are good people. We need to respect people religions and their sets of beliefs. Christians says Muslims kills because of their religion-No, Muslims don’t because it is not written in the holy Quran. If someone kills a soul, in the holy Quran it is stated that you have killed the world, therefore, he or she will also be put to death. If one steals, the hand will be cut off. Christians should understand this and reunite themselves about their views with religions. God(Allah) is love and we need to love each other as we love ourselves irrespective of our religion.

Now if the bible says we should love our neighbor as ourselves, why do we see other people’s religion as a hate? If we profess to love, why do we discriminate this religion or the other?  The reason why religion is divided is because of hate, no love using a different form of hate speeches to ridicule someone else religion and later you profess you love? Love is supernatural, real, it covers all things. it makes all things real and happening. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Let’s keep love and make it the purest of all things.

Sometimes people opt to engage in violent activities simply because of inferiority they feel in the society. They don’t want to be bullied anymore, they also want to be superiors to survive like any other people. Therefore, the only solution they have is to use violence to demonstrate how powerful they are.But the more we incite violence the more we spread hate.However, if hate can never cure hate, love can. So if we are to promote a sustainable peaceful world, we must spread love among ourselves owing to the fact that it’s the only conqueror of hate.


Jointly Written by Ireh Kingsley Chike

Candidate of Bachelor of Industrial Electronics, Polotsk State University Belarus. He can be contacted on

Seleman Yusuph Kitenge

Youth Development Expert,

PGD – Management of Foreign Relations, BA in Sociology (Hons),

Director of Media & Communication, AfriNYPE.